1. Tickets bought through MUSC are part of a package, i.e Ticket and Transport
  2. Tickets for games will be allocated to members who have requested them prior to the deadline date. Category A tickets will be allocated as per the conditions set out in points 6 and 7 within our new T&C, which everyone should have, if you don’t ask the branch secretary for a copy.
  3. Preferred Payment for tickets and coach fare is by bank transfer, or cash in advance). Cheques and credit cards will NOT be accepted on the coach.
  4. Any member that is allocated a ticket through the Branch but not travelling on the coach will be charged a £10 administration fee.
  5. Any non-Branch member travelling with the Club will be charged a £10 “Day Membership” fee.
  6. Any member who misses the coach is liable for both the full cost of the ticket and the coach fare, unless 48 hour’s notice given, ANY cancellation less then 48 hours, for a match ticket will be charged £10 for a cancelation fee, and the same for a coach seat. Please see point 10 within our new T&Cs for 2019/2020.
  7. The Committee reserves the right to increase coach fares if there is not enough people on the coach.
  8. After the match, the coach WILL leave the coach park as soon as everyone is back on the coach after the final whistle. It is each member’s responsibility to ensure that they are back on the coach ASAP.
  9. Following a members’ vote in 2013, smoking is NOT allowed on the coach and there is to be no hot food either.
  10. Alcohol is NOT permitted on the coach under any circumstances. This is the law of the land and must be adhered to. The same applies to bad language even though we are a football coach it is still used for families. Anyone breaking these rules could receive a lifetime ban.
    N.B From 2013/2014, a Branch Charter will be available for any member on request. Ask the branch secretary for a copy.

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