As from August, I am pleased to announce our new coach company

Will be:

Enterprise Travel Darlington


Travel Secretary:     Dawn Gilmore – Tel: 07905 870981 

Travel Information contact


Adult Members:   £30.00 ( Including night games )

65 and over:          £28.00  ( Including Night games )

16 and under:       £25.00  ( Including Night games )

10 and under:       £15.00  ( Including Night games )

One way only:      £20.00  ( Including Night games )


The coach uses an official coach park N3. copies of a Map stating where the coach park is to the Ground are available in advance of travel, and if it’s your first journey on the coach we advise supporters to stay on board the coach until the coach arrives at the Coach Park, this is so you are aware where it is after the match. also gives you more information about the Coach Park Location such as Map and directions. Also on match days the coach on board facilities includes TV/DVD, Toilet etc. (Subject to availability & Coach Size)


Due to a lot of cancellations or people not turning up for the coach last season, we made a loss on several occasions and with this in mind, we have made a change for the 2018- 2019 season.

If you have asked for a seat and you are added on the coach list you have entered into a commitment which the branch then uses to undertake an overall financial commitment to the coach company, to book the relevant size vehicle.

NB: It is unfair to expect the company to change the size of coach if cancellations occur and to this end, we will endeavour to honour the financial commitment to the coach and ask members to honour their individual commitment to the branch by accepting that individuals that cancel a booked journey will be charged the fare, which will added to their next trip.

If you require a seat only on the coach, contact Dawn on: 01661599047 or 07905 870981

In relation to our return journeys:

We have made representation to MUFC relating to the exit and delays encountered in using Car Park N3 and they have confirmed that we will have to continue to use the main exit for the coming season.

Therefore, in order to minimise our waiting time in exiting the car park, can we please ask

everyone to get back to the coach as quickly as possible so that as soon as everyone is accounted for, we can ask the driver to get out into the queue and continue our journey.

Note: We will all have to be aware that all waiting time in the queue is added to the driving time and we may on occasion (if delayed on the journey home) be subject to the driver having to take a mandatory 45 minute break.

We appreciate your cooperation with these matters.

 Please may we kindly remind branch members of standard branch rules for travelling by coach?

1)   NOTE: it is illegal to drink alcohol on an official supporter’s coach as per the branch’s charter

It is an offence to carry or drink any alcohol on the coach, anyone found to be in breach of this rule will be subject to a life time ban with immediate effect.

     2)      HOT food i.e. Burgers, Hot Dogs etc. are NOT permitted on the coach

     3)      It should also be noted that the coach company runs a strict no smoking policy on all of its coaches.

A copy of the branch charter is available on request from Derek.

We appreciate your co-operation in these matters, helping us to make it as successful a season off the pitch as we hope to have on it.

 Derek, Dawn

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